What is the pursuit of your life?

Well hear me out again… I didn’t say passion or purpose … I said pursuit..
While most people don’t know what their pursuit of life is… They wake up everyday without a purpose, just killing time or even wasting it, having a negative attitude towards life and people… And guess what, having no aspirations in life….
From a university degree to a good job, from a love story to a family with kids, from a small house to a big house, from little bank balance to more …

But guess what we still want more, more and more .. and it is never enough ..

So, what is your pursuit of life … amidst the never ending ‘more and more’ ..
It is not easy and it took me years to get there…. From failing and falling and yet making a comeback… You know what.. Most people who make a good comeback are successful… (well success is subjective)..  I mean those who are able to pick themselves up from failures are the ones who may find some passion … some goals that they may feel more inspired and inclined towards….
But if you can find your pursuit, it will stay with you forever … And this may vary the more you grow.. it may change but it still stays in line with the greatest version of who you really are…
Something bigger than the mundane life…
Go above all this…
So for example: Love, My first success in a relationship .. Ahaha moment .. than Money …  When I bought my first branded bag… (thank you Dubai Mall), the first investment, the first brand new car, the first luxury travel…. The freedom to do what I wanted to do, the power, the security etc
For all this time I thought my pursuit of life was love, success, money, freedom, security or even relationships …
But guess what ..I realized early on that this was not the real path of life … the real pursuit of life …
If you think travelling, love, money etc will provide you long term fulfilment .. Trust me it won’t .. Although stimulus does help uplift you .. but only for a short term .. and then you are back to reality when the excitement wears off … The pattern goes with everything ….

Interestingly how most people think is no different:  for them the pursuit of life is love, success, money, happiness, power … etc

But as I mentioned above .. this is a never ending pattern…. At some point in life … You have to become conscious of this never ending pattern … And if you do … you will learn that’s not the pursuit of life ..

And so, I realized … I may continue to do all of that for pleasure, hobby or enjoy them, but they have nothing to do with my long term happiness …because that is not the pursuit of my life …

So, what is the pursuit of your life….. That stays with you… Despite all the desires that you may have fulfilled or not?  Despite of all the successes or failures that you may have had or not?

So, how to find it …

The first things you need to understand to know your pursuit are:

The purpose of life
The purpose of your soul
& what you believe about God …

Once you have clear understanding … you will know your pursuit …

Pause…… Reflect… And go deeper and deeper, find meaning, substance, longevity and with that comes peace, fulfilment, contentment, a sense of love, a sense of liberation ….. And you will find pursuit of your life !!!
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Good luck,
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