A strong women is one who understands that beauty is not how you look, real beauty is how you feel inside and what reflects in your eyes- pure love, confidence, courage, respect.

She is not what she wears, but how she carries herself.

She is not the one who wants to be the prettiest but she is confident in how she looks.

She is not who hides her insecurities in branded bags, make ups, high heels or etc but understands that is only to enhance her beauty.

She is not who has attitude but knows when and how to use her attitude.

She understands that she is powerful strong bold courageous beyond measure.

She understands that the truth is every man will take her for granted but she is one who needs to take care of hurting herself.

She knows that the only relationship important for her is with God rest everyone is secondary.

She understands that people don’t always deserve the best of her, she treats others the way they deserve to be treated.

She believes that the man who loves her – gives her no reason to doubt.

She knows that she is natures beautiful creation and nothing can be more beautiful than her.

She understands that her time is precious and not everyone deserves her time.

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