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20 Day Self-Discovery Digital Course

This course is specially designed to offer full support to you during your self-development journey. It comes with full access to the 20 Day self-discovery digital course PLUS 3 one-to-one sessions with Maleeha to discuss your progress and get personalised guidance on the course (answering questions you may have, etc.). 20 Day self-discovery course covers the following: Be yourself and everything comes in line. Tap into the limitless potential that you are born with and […]

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My Life Coaching Program

Program of 4 sessions of 60 minutes each. Online via Skype or phone. Get the best of Life Coach experience. I set up intensive life coaching program based on deep commitment, genuine relationship and an absolute belief that change for the better is possible. I will put your agenda at the heart of our work and help you find your way to make it happen. Open up new career paths Find more fulfilment Increase their […]

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Introductory Life Coaching session 60 minutes

This session is a one to one coaching session. Online via Skype or phone. This session is an introductory 60-minute session for you to see what life coaching sessions are like. Coaching is a long term commtiment. We recommend a minimum of 4 sessions to start benefiting from the transformation power of life coaching. This session is here for you to assess if you can commit to a longer program and if Maleeha will accept […]

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