In this modern world where we meet so many people, get attracted by a few and for some we start pursuing a relationship. But it does not work no matter how much we try we are heart broken again and again. Let me share with you my 10 dating rules that will help you move your relationship forward definitely. Good Luck

Rule no 1:
Socialize – when someone offers you tea, coffee, lunch or dinner – Go for it ! But anything other than these – don’t be shy to say ‘no’. After you have accept the offer meet at a public place. Use your own transport and indeed do not accept the proposal of going to his/her house after you are finished.

Rule no 2:
Do not be physical in the first date- in the West it is common to hug and kiss on the cheek. But in the East it’s not – So try to stay away from holding hands, kissing etc.

Rule no 3:
Let the man pay the bill – Period-
If he asks you to pay the bill, it’s over – do not pursue a future with him.

Rule no 4:
Look for the signs –
Does he talk about his ex? Chances are he has still not forgotten her-
Does he share how his day went ? Or he talks about the latest porn movie and asks you what you like in bed ?
Look for alarming signs –
Men are simple and honest – they will give you signs on what they are looking for?

Rule no 5:
If he /she asks you about your ex boyfriend / or ex girlfriend-
Do not disclose details- Say something general ‘like any normal person I had my share of experiences with frogs’

Rule no 5:
Let him drive the conversation and silently observe. Woman easy, there is a long way to go. I know you are excited but relax and first see if he is what you are looking for.

Rule no 6:
If he tells you he can pick you up or drop you off- say ‘no’ immediately. Even if you are using a Public transport (which is very bad in Pakistan, I know ). Don’t be ashamed use it. Do not sit in his car and let him drive you atleast in the first few dates.

Rule no 7:
Never text him after the date is finished- like: I had a lovely time- when do we meet next? Or did you enjoy?
Breath let him come back to you.

Rule no 8:
You are not looking for marrying anyone nor are you looking for a boyfriend. Even if you are just date as a friend. Let him pursue you for a committed relationship. let him see you as a challenge and convince you- but never tell him you desperately want to get married.

Rule no 9:
Dress modestly. Keep the conversations general and get some standards: like after 10 pm I do not take calls. Men respect woman who have standards.

Rule no 10:
Never ever sleep with him before he is committed to you, the best is not before you 2 are married. Never ever and he will always respect with you for that.

Good luck with your dating life!

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  1. Qaiserhameed
    Qaiserhameed says:

    I always enjoy your blogs and posts.i agree with your dating rutes n I Also enjoy rule no. 06. Bad public transport.
    Allah bless you

    • Maleeha
      Maleeha says:

      Wsalam, So glad to hear !! Let your friends know about my instagram and blogs 🙂 I will be s happy to help! Thanks. Have a great day!


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