Self-love is very important. If you have been following me for a while you probably know what I mean. Here are my 5 most amazing self-love habits that really changed my life. Small changes can have huge impacts on our lives without us realizing. Have a read, implement and see how that can change your life.

1-Honor Yourself
Tell yourself the truth about your body.
Do not compare yourself with anyone.
Honor yourself for who you are.
Keep reminding yourself that you are unique.
We compare ourselves with the models.
When we see a beautiful cover photo of a model on the front page or etc we start comparing ourselves with them.
These days we see perfectly edited photos on Instagram and
Ask yourself: How is your relationship with yourself? Do you accept yourself? Do you love yourself? Or do you keep trying one or the other formula to copy and become someone else?

2-Explore Yourself:
The most important relationship is with yourself.
Develop hobbies
Become your own hero, and start appreciating yourself for small achievements.
Make new hobbies: like dancing, singing, travelling, taking photos, reading etc.
Appreciate yourself when you learn to do something. A new skill or whatever you like doing.
You will see a certain sense of self worth when you can recognize the achievements. You will also value yourself and start to know your boundaries and limitations as well as strengths and weaknesses.

3-Surround Yourself With right People
A man is known by the company he keeps.
Remember people you are with can uplift you or upset you.
You have to be very carefully become friends. Choose them wisely and consciously.
When we are young we are not conscious enough and become friends with even those people who do not add value to us.
But as we grow their energy affects our moods and they have the power to make us happy or sad.
People who are judgmental, critical, or pessimist towards you should not stay in your friends zone.

4-Use Positive Affirmations with yourself
Do not beat yourself up for things you are not perfect at.
Repeat a few positive affirmations everyday to yourself.
Affirmations affect your day.
We all are good at a few things and not good at everything. Some people beat themselves up for expecting too much from themselves.
Be nice to yourself, treat yourself as you would treat your loved ones.
Instead of repeating yourself negative words to yourself use positive ones.

5-Take time out for yourself
Go out with your friends.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Pay attention to your body.
Smile. This is very important
Be grateful
Some people think that going out with friends, spending time with yourself or exploring ways to keep yourself fit by having a healthy diet or doing regular yoga etc is obsession. Interestingly even if you smile more often some people might never take you serious.
But let me tell you: This is completely false. The truth is all of this is very helpful. All you need to focus on is having balance in all these areas and do not go overboard.

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2 replies
  1. Qaiser
    Qaiser says:

    i hope your are fine.
    firstly, your blogs always motivated for me and i think all readers of your blogs.
    Secondly, your are absolutely right about self love.
    when you have self believe the self love is automatically come in your life and everything is possible when self believe in your life.



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