Christmas brings with it the memories of the past. Some of happiness and some of sadness. Today I thought about how blessed I am being with my lovely family in France and how miserable I was feeling on Christmas just 7 years ago and even more lonely 12 years ago.

7 years ago I was in Dubai, recently relocated and feeling alone, having no friends and family.

And more so 12 years ago, while I had friends and family but deep inside I felt lonely just waiting to be with a man who could complete me, who could love me?

But it is only 3 years ago, before I met my husband I was totally at peace with being with myself.

I accepted my life fully infact being on my own became fun.

Most of the times we spend our times thinking about if’s…if our life was better, if we had more love, if we had more money, more friends so on and so forth, but the truth is that more we have ‘if conditions’ in life the more we are unhappy.

I only realized a few years ago when I stopped fighting against this moment and accepted life with just what I had. Life was not perfect but my perspective had changed. Life may not be perfect yet but I am at peace.

Life is in the now and here, complete and beautiful.

The if’s of your life maybe many. Sadly but true that the more if’s you have the more you will be unhappy, sad, depressed and frustrated in your life.

How was life a few years ago for you?

Are you at peace with being on your own now?

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How is Christmas for you this year?

And for me I was peace finally with or without a relationship, with or without a family, with or without friends.

And you see, here is my picture year 2015.

I was alone enjoying in Dubai mall and Burj Khalifa (the tallest tower of the world) and being on my own was an incredibly amazing experience!

So, with or without anyone ‘Merry Christmas’ to you 🎄🎅⛄

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