Spiritual goals are as important as all other goals in your life. Where do you stand with your relationship with God? What have you done to work towards your spiritual goals?

2- Mental:
A positive attitude in life is very important. What are the thoughts that you keep thinking? Do you have negative thoughts? What have you done to change them to positive ones? Have you tried to meditate to sooth the heavy pattern of the thoughts that you keep thinking?

3- Physical:
How do you present yourself to the world? Are you composed or revealing? Are you well dressed or you don’t care about the image you have? Set a time aside for your physical health. Do you exercise enough? Yoga, gym, walk?

4- Diet:
A healthy diet is another important aspect of life. Are you conscious of what you in take? Do you have a balanced diet? Fish, rice, vegetables, fruits, milk, organic food etc.

5- Emotional:
It is very easy to forget the importance of managing our emotional world. If left unattended can cause severe illness.
What are you feeling right now? Are you at peace with yourself and your life? Or are you negating your feelings?

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