Yesterday I was having a discussion with a friend who was very disappointed about things that had not happened yet.

Tomorrow if we do not have enough money how will we manage?

Tomorrow if my husband loses the job how would we pay the home loan?

Tomorrow if I get sick? etc etc

This is a continuous chain of fears that will keep coming and haunting you- But what is the way to deal with it?

Many times we worry about things when we fear danger ahead – and we focus too much on these fears.

I asked her ‘And today?’

Today you have a big house, a roof to stay, food to eat, have a beautiful daughter, you are fit and so is your husband. Can you just be grateful for all the things you have?

How many times was life perfect?

She said, ‘Yes I had issues when my mother-in-law passed away I could not cook, but then I learned to cook. After I got married, it was difficult in understanding my husband but then it got better.

I gave birth to a daughter after 9 years of marriage and then it got better.

And then? and then?

We always have some issues, life is never perfect, but if you change your focus from things that are working in your life from things that are not, the results would be a lot different, even if you have none, you always have ‘oxygen‘ to breathe.

The only thing that can change everything is gratitude, Gratitude is the most powerful process. Gratitude is the only cure for everything, with gratitude new windows of mercy open, new doors of opportunities come, new events unfold, and etc

How many times have we thanked God for the ‘oxygen‘ we have to breathe?

Gratitude for where ever you are, no matter which situation you are in, no matter how troublesome life seems.

Repeat daily affirmations:

I thank you God for all that I have.
I thank God for the place I live in.
I thank God for the job I have.
I thank God for taking care of me all the time.
I thank God for how beautiful my body is.
I thank God for having a family.
I understand that everything happening now in my life are perfectly right for me.

Say thank you for things that are taken from you and also say thank you for all your wishes that have been granted and everything else you can think of.

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