One of the most important question in life is ‘knowing what you want?’

Have you ever stepped into a situation in your life where you knew what is best for you but you had someone who was telling you what you should rather do and that made you confused, lost and thinking of the best answer to the situation which could be: How can I make everyone happy? What should I do or not do so no one is upset with me? And so knowing yourself becomes impossible.

Do not confuse ‘you’ with what others say, the family, the culture, the loved ones or etc.

Decide for yourself what is the best for you and that confusion you have is usually because we do not have a clarity of what we want. Because we haven’t studied ourselves, we have not spent enough time with ourselves to know what we love, what we want and what we think is right for us. So we rely on others to decide for us. not only the small decisions but even the bigger decisions.

Have you heard ‘Know yourself and know thy God’

Life is as simple as that- To know yourself is a priority.

Think about this: How will you know what you want or do not want unless you know yourself?

In today’s world people want instant results and answers. But there is no magic formula. Knowing yourself is a regular process. Remember the SWOT analysis, this is just a tiny part of knowing yourself yet many people are not clear. Many people do not clearly know what their Strength, Weakness, are? Do you know yours?

We tend to accommodate so many expectations and people in our lives that we neglect our own selves even when our instincts tell us otherwise and so the gap between who we are and who we want us to be becomes broader and broader.

Do you know why people commit suicide? Because its gets too late to own who they are? They live a life of others and what is expected from them and deep inside they struggle to be ‘who they really are?’ They underestimate the importance of knowing ourselves.

Many of us go through each day reacting to situations and people rather than making conscious choices based on who we are and what we want.

When we don’t know what we want to do in life or where we are headed it’s hard to set goals, get motivated and determine the best course of action. Many people still know what they want to study or what they want to become but do they know who they are?

Knowing and understanding yourself,: knowing your feelings, thoughts, intuitions and etc helps one to articulate a life of love, freedom, happiness, contentment and satisfaction.

Knowing yourself is a very important.

A few steps to know yourself more:

Focus on one each day and than become conscious of yourself more day by day

Step 1: Be aware of your strengths, weaknesses, limitations, likes and dislikes
Step 2: Observe and become aware of your moods and reactions. Know what upsets you, depresses you or disappoints you?
Step 3: Know your responses. When you pause and consciously respond rather than reactions.
Step 4: Become aware of what are the thoughts that effect your mood and feelings.
Step 5: Observe how you behavior changes with different people, different environments and different situations.

Doing this will help you determine –
How you think? Is that negative or positive thoughts?
What kind of a person are you assertive, composed organized, disorganized?
Who are the people you enjoy being with or you are just a people-pleaser?
Do environments effect your mood? Which environment you like and enjoy?
What actions do you take? Do you think the right thoughts and direct them your away or just follow the thoughts that come to you?

Be easy on yourself. Do not judge yourself. Everyone has their own style, behaviors etc but you can always know about yourself and keep learning, growing more.0

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