A strong women is one who understands that beauty is not how you look, real beauty is how you feel inside and what reflects in your eyes- pure love, confidence, courage, respect.

She is not what she wears, but how she carries herself.

She is not the one who wants to be the prettiest but she is confident in how she looks.

She is not who hides her insecurities in branded bags, make ups, high heels or etc but understands that is only to enhance her beauty.

She is not who has attitude but knows when and how to use her attitude.

She understands that she is powerful strong bold courageous beyond measure.

She understands that the truth is every man will take her for granted but she is one who needs to take care of hurting herself.

She knows that the only relationship important for her is with God rest everyone is secondary.

She understands that people don’t always deserve the best of her, she treats others the way they deserve to be treated.

She believes that the man who loves her – gives her no reason to doubt.

She knows that she is natures beautiful creation and nothing can be more beautiful than her.

She understands that her time is precious and not everyone deserves her time.

Are you a strong women?

Or you want to become a strong woman?
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Here are the 10 most important realizations for me, which ones are for you?

1- No matter how painful and difficult it is, God is with you always.

2- You can’t love one end of the process and avoid the other, one end is suffering the other is transformation, one end is hate the other is love, one end is cry the other is laughter, one end is weak the other is strong, one end is giving the other is receiving, one end is false the other is truth, this is the circle of life.

3- Comparing yourself to others, only undermines your own worth, trust you are a perfect creation of God. To desire perfect become perfect, become exactly what you desire, what you want, give. Give love to get love, spread kindness, forgiveness, care, consideration, compassion all will come back to you.

4- I am the one solely responsible for my life which includes everything, all the credits and all the blames. Instead of blaming the people, the system, the neighbors, the laws, just change your perception and the results will change.

5- Relationships are just a mirror of you. Nobody can ever harm you or love you without your own choice, everything that manifests in the outer world is just a reflection of your inner world. What you hate in others is what you negate in yourself, what you love in others in what you love in yourself, all these personal relationships are just an opportunity and can help to know our lowest or the highest version of self.

6- All I have and all I will have is this moment, and I have a free will to accept it or deny it. Whenever future arrives it arrives in the now, whenever past comes, it comes in the now, and if I can do anything ever, it can be done now, as all futures are created from this moment.

7- Love or happiness is never restricted to one person. Once you understand the purpose of all your relationships, you understand that people are just helping you towards your life’s purpose.

8- When you own your personal story without judging yourself you are no longer stuck in the Ego’s drama, and the story remains just a story. Now you welcome yourself to a new soul’s journey, where you stop judging yourself and that gives you immense freedom and courage to create the life your soul desires, you welcome the real, the truth and from there you can do wonders.

9- When you evolve you realize you are a whole, you give every single person who connects with you. You become a giver, a giver of love, peace, harmony, happiness, freedom, etc. Now you can share your fullness with the world, without a need fulfillment.

10- And the first and the foremost relationship you ever have is between you and you. Love begins with yourself. The Heaven and the Divine are inside you.

Let me know what are your realizations?
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It’s funny how our brain always has some unfinished tasks left and despite of reminding ourselves that we need to do it we still forget.

Does this should familiar?

Every time I was go for shopping I forget one or the other thing and it happens with all of us, the email we forget to respond, the appointment with the doctor we overlooked, the evening coffee with a friend we missed.

Even though with the increasing technology you can use reminders on your mobile and set alarms but sometimes you don’t want to be disturbed with your alarm when you have a busy day at work.

Studies show that making a plan to complete our tasks is enough to satisfy our brains that everything’s under control.

Yet a simple way I use: On the notepad of my mobile I write the things I need in order of my preference. Or just drop an email to myself of the things I want to do, the people I want to meet, and etc.

Some people even carry small notepads with them. You can even do that.

Select the one that suits you and enjoy rather being stressed.

In this way you will never forget and you will also free your mind from trying to remember all the things you want to do.

So write a list and free your mind.

I updated a to-do-list today – And what about you?

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Yesterday I was having a discussion with a friend who was very disappointed about things that had not happened yet.

Tomorrow if we do not have enough money how will we manage?

Tomorrow if my husband loses the job how would we pay the home loan?

Tomorrow if I get sick? etc etc

This is a continuous chain of fears that will keep coming and haunting you- But what is the way to deal with it?

Many times we worry about things when we fear danger ahead – and we focus too much on these fears.

I asked her ‘And today?’

Today you have a big house, a roof to stay, food to eat, have a beautiful daughter, you are fit and so is your husband. Can you just be grateful for all the things you have?

How many times was life perfect?

She said, ‘Yes I had issues when my mother-in-law passed away I could not cook, but then I learned to cook. After I got married, it was difficult in understanding my husband but then it got better.

I gave birth to a daughter after 9 years of marriage and then it got better.

And then? and then?

We always have some issues, life is never perfect, but if you change your focus from things that are working in your life from things that are not, the results would be a lot different, even if you have none, you always have ‘oxygen‘ to breathe.

The only thing that can change everything is gratitude, Gratitude is the most powerful process. Gratitude is the only cure for everything, with gratitude new windows of mercy open, new doors of opportunities come, new events unfold, and etc

How many times have we thanked God for the ‘oxygen‘ we have to breathe?

Gratitude for where ever you are, no matter which situation you are in, no matter how troublesome life seems.

Repeat daily affirmations:

I thank you God for all that I have.
I thank God for the place I live in.
I thank God for the job I have.
I thank God for taking care of me all the time.
I thank God for how beautiful my body is.
I thank God for having a family.
I understand that everything happening now in my life are perfectly right for me.

Say thank you for things that are taken from you and also say thank you for all your wishes that have been granted and everything else you can think of.

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