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Destroy your social fear in 3 steps

So lets start with Step 1: Fear of approaching people: Think of opportunities that you get by connecting: People who have social fear think of what possibly can go wrong. Instead think the opposite .. Think of what can go right. Approach the first person you see when you reach a social place: By this way you are able to send signals to your brain that approaching people will not lead you to rejection. Name […]

What is the pursuit of your life?

What is the pursuit of your life? Well hear me out again… I didn’t say passion or purpose … I said pursuit.. While most people don’t know what their pursuit of life is… They wake up everyday without a purpose, just killing time or even wasting it, having a negative attitude towards life and people… And guess what, having no aspirations in life…. From a university degree to a good job, from a love story […]

Alone/single or full of life?

Christmas brings with it the memories of the past. Some of happiness and some of sadness. Today I thought about how blessed I am being with my lovely family in France and how miserable I was feeling on Christmas just 7 years ago and even more lonely 12 years ago. 7 years ago I was in Dubai, recently relocated and feeling alone, having no friends and family. And more so 12 years ago, while I […]

Do you know your life’s purpose yet?

Each one of us is unique and have different skills and a set of expertise. All you have to do is: know and understand yourself more to discover those. Have you discovered what is the impact and difference you want to make to your life and also to the world? What motivates you? What you are hungry for? When people feel like they have no sense of direction, no purpose in their life, it is […]

Happiness – Are you happy yet?

Are you happy? I understand that this is the question many people answer differently. This is the question I struggled with if you would have asked me a few years ago. Precisely because I had no time to be happy and enjoy life. I was so busy and stressed at things that were expected from me. For some people happiness is a goal, they strive to be happy and yet fail. For some people it […]