Are you happy?

I understand that this is the question many people answer differently.

This is the question I struggled with if you would have asked me a few years ago. Precisely because I had no time to be happy and enjoy life. I was so busy and stressed at things that were expected from me.

For some people happiness is a goal, they strive to be happy and yet fail.

For some people it is more a future thing- If i get promoted, If i am going on a vacation, if i get married and etc. The list can be endless but after you reach their then what, the moments of awe passes and we are again left with the mundane life with its challenges and demands of work life, family and society from us.

Not long ago I realized that happiness is not a goal. Happiness is a state of mind. A commitment you make with yourself that no matter what happens in my life I will not loose the state of being happy with myself. When you realize that the world outside is constantly changing and everyday has its own challenges but what matters is my own stability of my thoughts, emotions and my relationship with myself.

This was the time when I stopped struggling to be happy and rather be contented and happy for where ever I was as long as I had myself and I was at peace with myself.

My routines changed and my though patterns changed. I was no longer holding past regrets, regrets that I didn’t follow my heart, or regrets like spending too much time at work and not with myself and my loved ones.

Though some people wait until they are on their death beds to have this realization? I am indeed blessed. And you are blessed to have read this post.

You can start to take the steps that I took and be happy from now on –

Step 1: Go out for a walk – daily.
Step 2: Take some time out and contemplate your life.
Step 3: Practice Yoga once a week (I normally do that on a Saturday)
Step 4: Go out with your friends once a week (Read my note on friends)
Step 5: Watch a few Sitcoms and laugh
Step 6: Do something different: Attend a concert, learn a new language or register yourself for a dance class.
Step 7: Read a good book – (The most easiest way to learn)
Step 8: Enjoy the weather- Some people enjoy rain and some sunshine.
Step 9: Connect with nature- Smell the flowers and be present. (Go to my note of being present)
Step 10: Go to bed at a fixed time (regularly to have a good night’s sleep)

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