If you follow these 5 rules, your relationship has now begun on a very healthy note.

1-Never lie:
The first most important rule for any relationship whether it is a parent/child, husband/wife, boss/employee, customer/manager, boyfriend/girlfriend is ‘Never lie’ even if the cost of being honest is that you will lose the relationship. Any strong and ever lasting relationship is based on truth.

2-Never cheat:
Once you are in a relationship. Do not cheat. Earn the trust of the other by not cheating. Mutual trust in a relationship is very important.

3-Never pretend:
Be yourself. If you are a straight forward person, be it, don’t try to hold on to your thoughts just because someone might not like it. Don’t try to show you are an extrovert when you are a shy and introvert. What you are not is what you are not? Work on knowing yourself more continuously. Who you really are?

4-Never take your relationship for granted:
Relationships take time and energy. Never assume that a relationship will work on its own when you haven’t done anything in the relationship. Relationships are like a living thing, they need continuous work for them to grow strong. Spend quality time in your relationships and give as much as you can.

5-Never assume everything is ok, when it’s not:
When things are not ok, they are not. Don’t fool yourself. If the other person is lying, cheating abusing etc, move on. Do not compromise on the values in a relationship.
Some relationships are not worth being with. Move on !

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